A lot changes in retirement, but one thing that doesn’t have to is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your interests are protected by the most experienced police legal defense team in the state.

When you turned in your badge, you kept your mindset, skills, and personality traits that initially led you to become a protector in your community. Like most retired officers, you’ve made the choice to continue to be prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones. For many, that means carrying a concealed firearm. But if you were compelled to protect yourself with deadly force, you will also be subject to the unbelievable pressure of both criminal and civil investigations. In that event, you need the protection that only the UFRLP can provide. The UFRLP, along with Nelson Jones, brings the combined expertise of protecting Utah’s law enforcement officers in more critical incidents than any other firm. Nelson Jones has been at the forefront of fighting for officers’ rights in Utah, and now the firm can offer that same expertise and dedication to the men and women who have left the profession.