The Jim Crowley FOP Lodge #51 was established primarily for retired law enforcement.  Jim was the longest-serving FOP National Trustee at the time of his death in 2018.  As a memorial to his dedication to the FOP and the profession, this lodge proudly carries his name.  The FOP is the oldest and largest law enforcement organization in the country and represents the interests of 350,000 members across the country.  


When you join the UFRLP, you become a member of the Jim Crowley FOP Lodge, and all your national, state, and local dues are already paid for with your UFRLP membership! Lodge 51 is led by law enforcement retirees', including some of the same men who founded the Utah FOP nearly forty years ago. Join them today as members of UFRLP!

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Protecting your livelihood


The cost to defend a potential wrongful death or injury case can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Law enforcement agencies routinely employ high-priced teams of private attorneys to avoid the millions of dollars that a negative judgment can cost. The Utah FOP Retirees’ Legal Plan has been designed to cost just $365 per year – just a dollar a day to protect your life, your assets, your peace of mind! Even better, that cost includes your state and national FOP dues, ensuring your membership in the nation’s largest and oldest organization dedicated to protecting law enforcement officers.

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